In Minutes: 4 Minute Workout

This sounds hard to believe & too good to be true: A workout in just 4 minutes a day? How can that possibly be effective?? Well, it is. And I for one am so grateful. Lucy Wyndham-Read is a British Army girl who posts her workout training videos on YouTube. She’s created these amazing, simple HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts that work multiple muscle groups at one time. If you are consistent (and really, how hard is that at 4 minutes??) and eat a healthy diet, you will see results.

We’ve already established that we are busy. And especially as moms, we are striving to lose that baby weight and just be fitter and healthier versions of ourselves. Any type of exercise typically requires some “me time”. And even if we do get some of that, there are so many other things competing for those precious few moments (shower, nap, eating, cleaning, blogging, etc). Getting to the gym is nearly impossible. Home workout programs are awesome, but sometimes even a 20 minute workout is a stretch. But how hard is it to do something for 4 minutes? Even if it’s 11 o’clock at night and you realize you didn’t work out today. It’s four minutes. You can muster up enough energy for that.

So how do you find these 4 minute workouts? You can check out Lucy’s new Ebook on 4 Minute Workouts on her website. You can also follow along on her YouTube channel. She has a playlist of a month’s worth of 4 minute workouts. Those aren’t the only ones, but it’s a great place to start. Most all of the workout videos on her channel take less than 10 minutes.


Are you still skeptical that so little time can make a difference in your body? Check out her before & after page on her website. It’s pretty amazing! But here’s the thing, if we really understood how effective small consistent changes over time are, we wouldn’t be so surprised. This is a concept I am constantly learning in all areas of life. This “In Minutes” series is a great example of things that are easy to do, but also easy not to do. These small acts that seem to not matter much, when compounded over time make a HUGE impact. (Check out an awesome book I’m reading on this very topic. It will change your perspective on life!)

Source: Lucy’s Instagram

You need accountability? Do it with a friend! Or go on Twitter or Instagram and follow Lucy. Tweet out that you did your workout with the hashtag #lucyssquad and you’ll get a like or retweet from her as well as encouragement from other people around the world doing the same. There’s nothing like social media to make it feel like a truly “small world after all.”

I hope that you are inspired and encouraged to take 4 minutes out of your day to get fit today and everyday. You can do it!! Just stay consistent. I did this for 3 weeks and then lost my motivation. It does happen. But the key is just  jumping back in! I’m going to start back today & I hope you all will join me. Follow Salt & Life Blog on Twitter to join with me in accountability for the next 4 weeks. I’ll be tweeting after each workout! Come join #lucyssquad!

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