In Minutes: 5 Minute Skincare

Many times I think we overestimate how long something takes to do. This is part of the reason for this series of posts: to help us realize just how little time it can take to do these important things we think we don’t have time for. I am just as guilty as the next person! Especially on this particular front. Keeping up with my skincare routine is something I am working at. It’s easy to do, but it’s just as easy not to do. It doesn’t bother me today if I skip it. But, if I continue to skip it, I may wake up one day with dull, wrinkled, dried out skin, all because I wouldn’t take 5 minutes to simply wash, tone & moisturize. No one wants to look older than they are! And who doesn’t want to look a little bit younger? All you need is the proper skin care routine. You don’t even need age defying products to fight the signs of aging (although I like to use them for the added benefit)! Simply having a regular skincare routine is enough to affect your skin dramatically.

So what kind of skincare routine do you currently have? Are you a soap & water girl (you need to graduate to a real skincare routine, btw. Soap & water is very drying & will age your skin faster! Ahh!) ? Drugstore brands? High end stuff? Maybe Mary Kay or Avon? Whatever you use, make sure you have a three step system of:

  1. Wash
  2. Tone
  3. Moisturize

Now, I know, that sounds like too many steps. Why not just use those makeup remover wipes?? Believe me, I hear you (I love those things! SO simple & easy.). But if you care about your skin, and you should, you’re gonna be stuck with it for a while, you  we need to make it a priority. Why is it so hard to find the time to turn the faucet on to run some water to wash your face, lather up, rinse, put some toner on a cotton pad, and then rub some lotion on your face? Because it takes SO long? No. It really doesn’t! It sounds like it would, but I’m going to time myself. I’m not even entirely sure of just how long it takes. Be right back!

*washing my face, trying to take my time but thinking I probably need to hurry to try to squeeze it in to 5 minutes. Even I am a skeptic!*

*Make sure hair is tied back, turn on water*


*Wet hands, squeeze dime size amount of cleanser onto hands. Work into lather & give face a good scrubbing, paying special attention to my eyes so as to remove all the eye makeup.*

*And rinse! And rinse…and rinse…and rinse…ok, enough, the toner will get the rest.*

*Apply toner to cotton pad & wipe over face*


*Apply moisturizer over entire face, neck and chest*



I am stunned. And a little embarrassed. It took me a whopping 2 minutes and 20 seconds to perform all three steps of my skincare routine. Are you kidding me?? And that’s with taking my time. In a hurry, I’m sure it could get done in less than 2 minutes. Why have I not been doing this??? I could check Facebook one less time & have the time to take care of my skin. Well, now we know. And now that I know, it going to be very hard for me to, in good conscience, claim “I just don’t have time to wash my face every morning & night.” So not true! I’ve just not been taking the time.

Ok, are you convicted yet? Maybe you’re one of those super smart people who figured this out long ago, but for the rest of us slackers, I hope this encourages & empowers you to take the 4-5 minutes total a day to wash your face in the morning & evening. Just keep your stuff out by the sink, with some clean washcloths. Maybe make yourself a little basket with all your supplies. Anything that makes it even easier to squeeze it in those few minutes a day when you have some time.


Most of us think we don’t have time for a lot of things. But really what we are doing is we aren’t making time or prioritizing our time. When something is important, we make time for it.

Maybe you’re finding it hard to believe that you can wash, tone & moisturize in 2 1/2 minutes. Go ahead, time yourself! I think you’ll be surprised. Make sure you’re subscribed to Salt & Life Blog, because later this week, I’ll be sending out some video proof! I’ll be filming myself and my skincare routine, followed by my 5 minute makeup routine (blog post on that, tomorrow!). It’s one thing for me to describe it to you here, but it makes a huge difference to see it in action. All of our awesome subscribers will receive a link to the video in their email inbox as soon as it is made available. So click here to subscribe now!

And if you’re interested in what skincare line I use, it’s called Artistry and it is one of the top 5 prestige brands in the world. I rep for this gorgeous brand and I can testify that it has literally changed my skin for the better. Check it out here!

Hope your week is going well, friends! Make the most of the time you have each day <3

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