Salt & Life Blog was birthed out of a friendship and a shared dream to create a space where we can share the things we are passionate about with a community of readers. It’s become this beautiful place with a vision for inspiring home décor and DIY projects. As friends, we love writing this blog together. As individuals, there come times in our lives when we know we must move on from some things we love doing, to make room for other passions and pursuits.

While still in full support of everything SLB is, Amanda is stepping away from blogging for a time to pursue other endeavors. Jess will be assuming the blog solely and you will continue to receive all the great content you’ve grown accustomed to up to this point. The only thing that will really change is that you won’t see Amanda’s name or face as often, a change which some of you may have already noticed has begun to take place.

Personally, we will still text one another on the regular, share blogging ideas, drink massive amounts of coffee together and get our kiddos together for playdates. As besties, we are some of each other’s biggest cheerleaders in everything that we do. We hope that Amanda will return to the blogging world before too long, possibly with new and exciting dimensions to add to SLB. Only time will tell! Until then, we will have to content ourselves with an occasional “guest” post as her schedule allows. 

As friends and as co-bloggers, we have made every effort to be authentic and completely genuine throughout this entire endeavor. That means sharing even when things don’t always end up exactly the way we had originally planned. Sharing this experience has brought us closer as friends and, hopefully, closer to you as our readership and supporters. God sometimes asks us to sacrifice things that we love for things even greater that He has in mind. That is why, while this announcement is laced with a bit of sadness, it is full of excitement for all that is in store in the future, made all that much better in knowing that while we may not share the blog anymore, we share a friendship that goes well beyond that!

Speaking of the blog, in case you were curious about what’s coming up, here’s a little sneak!!!

Hall Bathroom Reveal {DIY Shelves}

DIY Embroidery Hoop Flowers

Fall Sign Designs: The Junq Drawer

Clean Eating Breakfast Parfait

Have a beautiful day, friends!

Amanda & Jess




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