Simple & Easy: Cold Brew Coffee

youve_got_mail_17I’ll never forget the first time I realized that caffeine, in the form of coffee, was in fact addictive. It was Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail telling his business partner they would sell “legal addictive stimulants” in their massive book store. Now, I was 14 years old, so cut me some slack for not realizing it before that. (Ha!) All that to say…I’m pretty sure I am in fact addicted to coffee.

The problem is I don’t just want folgers brewed coffee. I want iced coffee. And not just any iced coffee. I want an iced cold brew with vanilla and cream, just like I order at Starbucks and any other coffee shop. And that becomes quite expensive, even at the $2-3 price tag.

The other problem I have is that homemade NEVER tastes the same and it takes so much more work. I wanna pull up to the drive thru window in my bleary-eyed state and have the cold, delicious, creamy coffee placed into my hands ready to sip. So my goal here was to find a recipe, simple, easy, and just as good if not better than the kind I can buy ready made.

After a little bit of trial and error, here is the recipe and process I have found to be the best:JES_9655

1/2 cup of coarsely ground coffee

2 cups of filtered water

(double or triple that recipe as you like)

Combine in a pitcher or French press (I recommend a French press. You can purchase the one I used at Ikea for 8.99). 

Stir, so that all of the coffee grounds get wet.JES_9671

Let sit for 24 hours minimum, at room temperature.

Press down the filter on your French press to filter our the coffee grounds. This is the simplest way to do it. If you find yourself with out a French press, you can use a sieve with muslin/cheese cloth or paper towels to catch the grounds.

Place the brewed coffee in the fridge until cold.

Now you’re ready to go! But this is the tricky part. In order to prepare it the way you like best, you may have to do some additional trial and error. I’ll tell you what worked best for me:

Fill your cup all the way up with ice. Pour coffee over ice (coffee is fairly concentrated and depending on the coffee you used, you may need a tad bit of filtered water added to dilute it. This is up to you!). Add a splash of half and half. Add 1-2 tablespoons of vanilla syrup. Stir, add a straw if you like, and done!!!edit

The hardest part about this is the 24 hour waiting period. But once it’s done, there is no waiting! And the trick now will be to brew more while I still have some in the fridge! Proper preparation prevents…waiting for coffee. I think that’s how that phrase goes.

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