Have Faith

Have you ever had┬ámoments where you’re not sure if it’s the Lord’s voice or your own internal monologue that you’re listening to? This was my struggle — not hearing him in the big things, but hearing him in the stillness.

I left work on a Thursday just like any other day…

Except instead of going the way I normally would, I took a “wrong turn.” I put that in quotes because as soon as I turned I knew I needed to. You know? That hunch or nudging that the Holy Spirit gives you when you need to do something that you don’t actually know you need to do yet?

So I kept going… a way I never, ever would have gone because it took me twice as long to get home, and I’ll be honest. After driving down the road a bit, I was starting to go, “Okay. Was this a mistake? Why am I going this way?” The Lord said, “There’s going to be a man on the side of the road,” to which I staunchly replied, “You don’t actually expect me to pick up some dude when I’m by myself in this car, do you? Especially someone I don’t know who’s on the side of the road?” And He said, “I don’t want you to give him a ride or even talk to him. I want you to pray for him.”

A few minutes later, I’m ashamed to admit I was starting to think I was nuts and letting my sometimes overactive brain get the best of me, which of course the Lord knew but I still felt compelled to voice to him. “I don’t see anyone,” I said. “He’s right up here,” He said. I still didn’t see him… until I did. I might have missed him if I hadn’t been looking. This completely normal looking guy, walking like he was on a mission down the walkway on the side of an overpass. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this or not, but every time the Lord guides me like this and fulfills what He’s saying, it floors me. I was immediately in tears and somewhat ashamed of my doubting nature.

But here’s the thing, y’all. I’m human, and while, yes, I prayed for this guy I’d never met and probably never will, there was a small part of me that was still thinking, “Okay, but You know his circumstances. I don’t. Why am I praying for him to You about something You’ve already got under control.” You know what He said? He said, “It’s not about him. It’s about you. It’s about you obeying Me when I ask something of you, and it’s about you having enough faith to follow through when you don’t know why I’m asking what I’m asking.”

Friends, I don’t know if He is preparing me for something or just teaching me a lesson, but I am plain and simple, flat out blown away by the closeness of His presence. I think it’s easy for us to sometimes feel that God is looking down on us when, in reality, he’s walking beside us. He finds me in moments like this where I simply cannot deny the power of His presence or of His spirit. There is no possible way I could have known that man would be walking on the overpass just ahead of me — but He did.

So have faith.

When you hear a voice nudging you to love on someone or pray for them or reach out? Don’t ignore it. Be still. Listen. Pray. Act. Our God is faithful.


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