DIY Felt Letterboard

Y’all, I got inspired the other day! As per usual, scrolling through Instagram I came across the most beautiful spaces ever, but something that kept making an appearance over and over were letterboards. I’ve been wanting one ever since Magnolia Flour was opened and I saw the cute cupcake saying Joanna Gaines had put on their letterboard. It was the perfect size and, oh so simple, yet made such a statement!

Like most things that I love, though, letterboards are ex.pen.sive. Not only do you have to purchase the letterboard itself, but you also have to purchase the letters for it, and while some may have $100 to drop on one of these — I do not. So I thought to myself,¬†Why can’t you make your own!?! Thanks to Pinterest and a $3.99 white frame I found at Walmart before my daughter was born, my own DIY letterboard was born!

I’m going to warn, y’all. This is a somewhat tedious process, so I would highly recommend having one of your favorite shows running while you’re gluing. It took me close to a hour to glue all of the dowels down, and I still haven’t gotten all of them put in. It’s a work in progress, BUT oh, so worth it! I haven’t quite decided where this will live, so for now I’ve got it propped up in the den. I think it needs a permanent home, maybe on the wall, though. I’ll keep you updated on where it ends up and what it looks like completed.

I mentioned total cost to order one of these was around $100 for the size that I wanted (20 x 26). This one cost me $20, mostly because of the dowels and the $4 felt that I purchased. I found the dowels at Home Depot (all the craft dowels were too short) and cut them down to size (you can do this with scissors if you don’t have a saw) and the felt at Michaels. **Note, if you want to do a smaller size letterboard, Michaels has packages of dowels that are 12″ long!**

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

  • Black felt (I used a yard)
  • 1/4″ dowels
  • Letterboard letters (I ordered mine from Amazon — be sure they are made for felt letterboards)
  • Hot glue
  • Frame


This is probably the simplest DIY ever, you guys. Simply cut down your dowels to the width of the inside of your frame and cut down your felt into 1 1/2″ to 2″ strips. Wrap the dowels in the felt using hot glue and then glue each felt-wrapped dowel onto the frame, squeezing them as close together as possible. That’s it. Literally. That’s it. Here’s a photo of what the back will look like.

I don’t even pretend to be the cleanest when it comes to hot glue. I burn my fingers basically the whole time, and always, always, always have glue strings. Thankfully, they pull right off, right? We left for vacation this morning, so I¬†definitely didn’t get to finish this project. I couldn’t wait to share, though, because even having it only halfway done I love it SO much!!! Not bad for a $20 letterboard, in my opinion!

Do y’all love this as much as I do!?! Gracious, it’s perfect and gave me all the feels once I turned it over to see how it was looking. I can’t wait to finish it up, but it’s going to be a couple of weeks so y’all check back for the finished product. Happy weekend, friends!




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