Fall Front Porch and Hallway Reveal

I get on these kicks where I’ll start one project and then jump to another one without finishing the first. It’s not my best habit, I’ll be the first to admit that. Thankfully, all of the projects of late have revolved around the same thing — painting. Also not my favorite thing to do, but the result is so worth the labor! I’ve been working on our front porch and hallway, adding in some fall elements and trying to brighten up the space a bit, and while it’s still a work in progress, I thought I’d show you where I’m at and how it’s coming so far.

Let me back up and give you some back story on our front porch. It’s bare bones, friends. It’s literally a piece of concrete with two posts and a roof. Nothing fancy. Nothing that stands out. A few years ago I painted the front door a bright blue color to try to overcome the blah. It worked, for sure, but there’s always that nagging vision of what we hope to one day have the porch be. Eventually, we’ll have railings on either side and the front, two white benches on either side, stone-wrapped columns and either stone or white facing and siding to give it that finished look. For now, it’s a work in progress. In the hallway, I still have to paint the trim which, can we just acknowledge for a second how tedious that is!?! The louvered doors will go soon as well and be replaced by paneled doors. Would I love some barn doors? Yes. Will they work. Nope. I also don’t trust myself to keep the linen closet clean enough to put french bifolds on so… paneled it is.

Okay, enough talk! Welcome to my home, my fall front porch and the hallway reveal as it stands right now!

Mums and pumpkins are my favorite ways to decorate for fall! One day, I hope to have a bench on this porch, or maybe even two — I’m thinking white with a pretty throw and some scripted pillows. For now, the plants and veggies have to make a statement themselves. Here’s what it looked like last year!

Come on in, friends! We are hospitality-driven people around here, and love having guests over. The entry was a really important part of making people feel welcome, so I put a lot of time and detail into the decor and basics for this space. To see all the details on the entry, head here.

I’m a sign-maker, so my house is full of handmade signs. These are two of my favorites, and you can find a tutorial on framing canvas here, and a tutorial on making your own signs here. The give thanks signs are part of my fall line available in the shop!

This ladder was a fun find in our basement of all places. When we moved in, it was here — an old, double stacked extension ladder. I took it apart, painted it and voila! A blanket ladder! It’s also served as a storage ladder!

I’m a huge proponent of fresh flowers, friends. Even in the fall and winter. They bring some life into the house. Okay, I generally love plants for this reason, too. I’ve learned some key things to keeping cut flowers healthy longer and tips on how to arrange them, and I shared all of those here.

That green bench you see in the living room was a fun antique store find. It’s metal and I just loved the green in our home. Of course, it was initially going to be white, but… it’s one of my favorite elements.

I’m still working on the trim work, but once it’s all painted and I new light fixture is hung, I’ll show you the rest of the hallway! Thanks for stopping by today, friends!



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