Fall Style Challenge

Fall fashion. Okay, admittedly I look at some of the fall fashion trends and go, really!?! I would never wear that in a million years! I am all about being on trend, but in a flattering way, you know what I mean? So my fall fashion generally comes from Pinterest inspiration or modifying the latest trends on the runway to fit my current wardrobe. Yesterday, Amanda shared our top picks for fall, and today, I’m excited to announce our Fall Style Challenge!!!

We want to see you sporting your favorite version of our fall accessories! Whether you tie that plaid scarf on your oversized leather bag or wear it around your neck, we want to see the innovative ways you’re styling our fall picks and the amazing deals you’ve gotten on them! We’ll be featuring our favorite look on all of our social media platforms at the end of each day, so be sure to tag us and use #SLBstylechallenge for your chance to be featured.


Wednesday: Booties

Break out those ankle boots and snap a photo of you rocking your favorites!


Thursday: Blanket Scarves

There are so many ways to wear these. Stage a flat lay or snap a selfie with your favorite blanket scarf!


Friday: Leather (bags or jackets)

Do you have the cutest leather purse ever? Or maybe you splurged on a jacket overseas that’s to die for like Amanda. We want to see it! Snap a photo and tell us where you snagged your leather goods!


Saturday: Leggings

Saturday is the perfect day for leggings, right? They’re comfy, but can still be dressed up! Snap an overhead photo of your favorite leggings and sneak in a PSL or hot beverage of your choice while you’re at it!


Sunday: Hats

No, it’s not Easter and it’s not Keeneland, but there’s a whole line of felt hats to be worn this fall! Why not rock one for church or brunch this Sunday? Snap a selfie or group photo with your favorite style of fall hat!


Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you some styling tips, right? Here are some of the best posing tips out there for a perfect look every time.

Strike A Pose

Cross your ankles. This sounds weird and can feel completely unnatural, but it works wonders! Not only does it slim your hips, but it looks completely unposed to the camera. Amanda stood in the first pose below for probably two minutes while I snapped photos from all angles, but in the photo it comes across like she just looked over for a brief moment while walking through the grass.

Angle your head. Can you get a great straight on shot? Absolutely, but it takes some work. Unless you’ve got tons of time to test out that perfect look (we don’t), try this tip. Angle your head down and to the side ever so slightly. This accentuates your jawline and is a much more candid look.

Twist your body. My wedding photographer told me to stand completely sideways then twist my upper body to face him for photos. I thought he was nuts… until I saw the photos. That’s a quick way to shave off inches or show off your figure if you’re wearing baggier clothing.

Have fun. There’s a lot of pressure in our graphic-driven world to take great photos. My husband hates having his photo taken for this reason. He feels like his smile isn’t natural or he’s standing awkwardly. Think about all of our tips above, and then be sure you enjoy yourself. If you’re don’t, your smile won’t look genuine. Some of the best photos I have are ones where I’m laughing with my daughter, completely unaware of the camera.



We can’t wait to see what you come up with this week using our Fall Favorites! Let the SLB Style Challenge begin!!!




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