Father’s Day Photo Shoot


I was scouring Pinterest for THE Father’s day craft to do with the kids and share with you here and I just couldn’t find one that I loved enough. There were lots of cute ones, don’t get me wrong! But when you are a mom of two little ones with little patience to spare some days, and lots of things to fit into each day (who can’t relate to that even without kids?!) I just didn’t have the time or energy. So here we are, two days out from that special day to honor our dads and husbands and maybe you still don’t know what to do. My go-to gift idea is this Father’s day photo shoot and I am going to show you all the cuteness that can come from this 30 minute time investment.

Now I will admit, some patience is necessary. It isn’t easy to get kids to pose for a photo. But the best thing to do is just keep snapping! Somewhere in a sea of photos you may find one or two that will work.

There were two photos that I did find on pinterest, that inspired my photos. You can find them here:

JJM Photography
Debby Ditta Photography



I decided to take the “dress up like dad” element and add the sign. I did this with just my daughter on her first Father’s day. Below, you can see how our first Father’s day photo shoot went.

Mommy Zopp photography ?

Father’s Day Photo Shoot Tips & How-To

  1. Choose an optimal time of day, both for sunlight and for your child’s mood. I chose right after naptime because it gave me the morning to plan and get things organized. It was around 4 pm when we took our photos. When the sun hid behind the clouds, the light was perfect! Also in the shade of the tree, the light was nice. If it’s too bright, the kids will have to squint their eyes. An overcast day works well too.
  2. Come up with a sign or a message for your photo. We used a chalkboard sign, but you can obviously go as simply as a piece of cardboard and a sharpie, like I did before. Another fun way to go is using wooden letters purchased from your favorite craft store. You may have also seen messages written on the bottoms of kids feet. I think that’s adorable!
  3. Costumes! I dug out a couple of old button up shirts that my husband doesn’t really wear anymore, just in case a grass stain happened. I tied the ties and then loosened them so they would be easy to slip over the kids’ heads. Don’t know how to tie a tie? Let both sides hang on either side of your neck, with the narrow side much shorter than the wide side (half the length of the wide side or shorter). Then, wrap the wide side over the short side, under and then over again. You’ve made a complete circle around it. Now, feed the wide side through the loop you’ve created by bringing it under, towards your body and up and over. Pull it through! Hold on to the narrow end to move the knot up and down. If that still doesn’t make sense, I’m sure there’s a youtube video to show you how.
  4. Button up the shirts except for the top few buttons, so you can slip them over their heads quickly. Roll up the sleeves (a LOT) and add the ties.
  5. Now, get them to smile! Or at least look in your direction, if you can.
  6. Finally, print your photos and frame them or make one into a pretty canvas photo. I have a hard time choosing just one! Here’s what we were able to get out of our Father’s day photo shoot:

P&S 4 Edited LogoP&S 3 Edited Logo P&S 2 Edited Logo P & S Edited Logo

As you can see, none of them are perfect. I had some great ones of him smiling, or her laughing, but the other one would be scowling or looking away. Sigh. These are the best we could do, but you know what? Their daddy loved all of them. Perfection is not the goal, authenticity is much more memorable…it’s also much more achievable.

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