Healthy Pancakes Recipe: Kid Friendly!

My toddler started out eating everything, just like her 8 month old baby brother does now. Somewhere along the line she started getting more and more picky and preferring sweets and junk. Once in a while those things are ok, but especially for the first meal of the day, it would be nice to give our kids a healthy, unprocessed, sugar free start to their day. Enter these delicious, wholesome pancakes!

The original recipe came from one I found on Pinterest (of course!) and you will find it here.

I’ve altered the recipe slightly to fit my preference and my pantry. I never keep applesauce in the house so that has been replaced by nut butter.

These yummy pancakes are sweet enough to eat without syrup, but can be eaten with it as well. I hope your pickiest eaters will enjoy these as much as mine do!
image2 Eggs

1 (ripe) banana

1/2 c oats

1/4 c nut butter

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Blend oats in food processor/blender until ground.

Add banana in pieces, blend again.

Transfer to bowl and add remaining ingredients. Be sure to mix well until everything is combined. If it seems too thick, you can add a little milk.

Pour onto a hot griddle or frying pan, greased with butter. Once I’ve poured it onto the pan, I use my spoon to spread the batter around a little in a circular motion so that it doesn’t pile up in the middle. The batter tends to be slightly thicker than the average pancake batter so this step is necessary if you want flatter pancakes. Once the edges begin to get firm, it’s ready to flip!

My favorite part of this recipe is that I can serve it to my family with peace of mind that I am nourishing their bodies and fueling them for the busy day ahead. I can’t really say the same for the white flour & sugar version. Let me know if you try them! Good luck!

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