I’m not Amanda, I’m Mommy

I’m not Amanda. I’m mommy. Nice to meet you ;-).


At least, that’s what my two year old tells me. That is for sure the way it feels sometimes too. The moment I became a mother, my previous identity faded into the background, and my sole purpose in life became caring for that tiny human.


If it felt that way after my first, that feeling only intensified 21 months later when I gave birth to my second. Just when I was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel that is breastfeeding, and started picking up pieces of my past self again, I started over. This time, any free moments I had when there was one baby, were now absorbed by the second baby. I found myself, some days, feeling like a mere shadow of a person.

“Hi, I am a baby making, milk producing, poop cleaning, spit up wearing machine. I have no needs or wants. I just cater to the needs and wants of two tiny dictators. If it was any other way, I would not be fulfilling my rightful duties as mommy.”

Or would I?

I have seen increasingly more awareness made over the importance of self care, making sure you take care of you so that there is some sane person left to take care of others. My family knows that a tired, hungry, cranky momma is a scary person to be around. So yes, that is very important. Iced coffee and a two hour shopping trip go a long way to making that crazy lady disappear and nice mommy return. I fully intended to make this blog post about just that. But then something else caught my eye as I was browsing my facebook newsfeed the other day. Something that brought on a whole new, and very much needed, perspective.

It was a word from Proverbs 31 ministries. I follow them on Facebook and I recommend you do too!

You are not what you do. Your value isn’t decided by a number on the tag in the back of your jeans, your profession or by your roles: career woman, wife, mom, sister, friend, etc. Those are gifts you have, traits you exhibit. But they don’t define the core of your being. You aren’t the sum of your mistakes or the messed-up identity you once wore.

Your identity is simple. It’s clear. It’s beautiful. Your identity is purely who God says you are. Beautiful, redeemed, renamed, engraved on the hands of Christ, where you will never be forgotten.

When I read that, lightbulbs went off in my head and my heart swelled. I am mommy. But even when it feels like that is all I am, there is more. I am who God says I am, and what a better mom I can be, if I will remind myself of those things, daily. So I encourage you to start each day with that perspective. Life may change from day to day and so might your role to play. But our heavenly Father doesn’t and what he created you to be doesn’t either.


Check out this amazing list from Joyce Meyer about who we are in Christ based on Scripture.

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