Inspiring Summer Porches

If y’all follow along with us on Instagram, you’ve been getting glimpses of my summer vacation — a two-week excursion from Vegas to the Grand Canyon. (*ahem* If you don’t, head over and give us a follow!) I’ve seen so many majestic things on this vacation that are a gorgeous part of creation, and I’ve also been floored by some amazing homes! We passed this beautiful traditional white sprawling ranch in Kanab, UT with a full front porch that reminded me of Kentucky. Of course, we drove past it so quickly that I couldn’t snap a photo, but it was lovely!

Seeing the variations of plants, furniture and decor on these homes has inspired me to makeover our front porch, which of course I can’t do until we make it home later this week. In the meantime, here are some of my favorites! I hope y’all glean some inspiration from these for your own decor, and if you’ve already decorated yours, I’d love to hear how in the comments. I’ll take as much inspiration as I can get!

This front porch just screams happy summers to me! The bike with the basket is such a great focal point, but my personal favorite part is the door with the wreath on it. Isn’t it gorgeous!?! Okay, and I love the white stool, too. The way she’s mixed large, chunky pots and pieces with smaller ones is so beautiful!!! There’s tons of inspiration here for my own front porch!

Seeking Lavender Lane

You might notice a theme here, friends. Rocking chairs and stools in a bright white with maybe a little distressing… yep. It’s definitely going on my front porch. I just love the combination of this sign and other wood elements with the rocking chairs. The fact that there’s a mini rocking chair just makes it that much sweeter! Stacking crates is a great way to achieve some height and a cute little table with room to decorate the insides or style them as shelves. There are definitely a few things I’ll be implementing from this relaxing front porch in my own decor!

The Painted Chandelier

Plant hangers, benches and ferns! Need I say more? Oh, and there’s the GORGEOUS robins egg blue color of that bench. Whew. This is a beautiful and totally achievable front porch design for any porch — small or large!

The Tattered Pew

This sweet friend of ours over at The Tattered Pew has an amazing sense of style! Y’all need to go check her out. This photo came from her Instagram, and I literally can’t decide what my favorite part is. The church pew, the olive buckets, the gingham pillows, the blessed pillow… it’s all beautiful!!! I’ve been on the hunt for a church pew ever since stumbling upon her decor, friends!

Zevy Joy

If you’re more of a bungalow style decorator, how cozy does this porch look!?! I love the mixture of farmhouse and bungalow in this space! Porch lights are an absolute must, but can we just take a second and gawk at that tiled floor!?!?!?!?! Gracious, it’s beautiful! The idea of an outdoor sectional is really appealing to me — although we don’t have the space at the moment. It’s pretty much made me sure that we’ll need to build a pergola at the next house so that we can achieve this same look. Regardless of whether you have space for a sofa or not, the mix and match pillows, floor lanterns and hanging baskets are all achievable in any size space!

I know, I know. It’s going to be fall soon, but why not go ahead and get a head start on decorating so you only have to switch out small elements — like daisies to mums and floral pillows to plaid? As long as you have a good base to work with, the effort to switch things out seasonally will be minimal! I can’t wait to get home and get started on some white benches for our porch and some planter vignettes! I might have to makeover the back porch a bit, too, with some curtains. Who knows?

What are your favorite summer porch ideas? I’d love to know in the comments below! Have a great Wednesday, y’all!


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  1. Jessica thank you so much for your kind words about our porch! Wished you lived closer so we could sip some sweet tea together! I can’t wait to see your porch!

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