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Hi, guys! We’ve had lots of snow and cold weather the past few weeks, and I’m going to admit right up front, it has not motivated me to get things done around the house {at least not things that are post-worthy}. I did manage to get my butt in gear and roll out some new signs, though! I haven’t done a whole lot of sharing for the shop on the blog, but the thought occurred to me that unless you just happen to travel to Etsy on the regular {or over to Versailles to shop at The Amsden}, you guys are being robbed of the new sign designs that are coming out. I know I’m not an eCommerce site yet {plans are in the works, friends}, mostly because I have to have people way smarter than me to help me along — can I get an amen? For now, I’ll be sharing updates here to keep y’all in the loop!

Last week, I restocked in Versailles — something that was long overdue — and realized I hadn’t updated the online inventory either. So all of that has been done, and I’m really excited to share some new signs with you!

Be Our Guest

We don’t actually have a guest room, but I just thought this would be adorable in one — or in an entryway — and couldn’t help but make it. Yes. We’ve been watching lots of Disney movies lately! It’s available here: Be Our Guest sign.

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

Yes. Just yes. I love the idea of this in a master bedroom! It also makes a great wedding gift — just throwing that out there! Sign available here: Home Is Wherever I’m With You Sign

Love Is Patient

Inspired by one of my all time favorite verses and a stellar reminder to be continually patient and kind to others, this sign was a must to make! I’m also absolutely in love with the typewriter-esque font! Available here: Love Is Patient Sign.

Be Still My Soul

Another great reminder in a fun typewriter font is this design. I need this lesson, like, every day. How about y’all? Available here: Be Still My Soul Sign.

I Love Us

Great for best friends, significant others, spouses or families, this I Love Us sign just makes me happy to look at. As my own little family expanded first from two to three, and now from three to four, this simple sign represents the joy I’m feeling right about now. I just love us, simple as that. Available here: I Love Us Sign.

The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us And We Are Filled With Joy

A client of mine requested this as a custom order, but after seeing it finished and the significance it held for so many people, I decided to offer it as part of the inventory for the shop. It’s such a humble statement! Available Here: Done Great Things Sign.

Happiness Is Homemade

This is easily my favorite of all of them! It reminds me of freshly baked goods, time with family in the kitchen, sleeping in on Saturday, giggles with my little one, date nights… it means so many things! Available here: Happiness Is Homemade Sign


My Old Kentucky Home

This one is specific to Kentucky, I know, so if you’re local — grab ya one! These are the most intense signs I make because there are so many letters and so much weeding that goes into it. Small letters are also way more detailed, so it takes tons of time but the result is so worth it! I’ve had a few customs with small book print on them and have loved them, so if you’re interested in one with this font but a different quote, head over to Etsy! I do custom orders as well. Available here: My Old Kentucky Home Sign – or – Custom Sign.

Let’s Stay Home

During busy seasons, this is kind of my motto. I just want to stay home, relax and enjoy time without an agenda. Coming out of the holidays and into a much more relaxed January {especially with all the snow days we’ve had}, this phrase just spoke to me! Available here: Let’s Stay Home Sign.

Get Cozy

Can I get an amen? It’s cold out and my electric blanket is my respite! We don’t actually have a working fireplace at present, so our prefab one in the bedroom stands in. I’ve been lighting all the candles and drinking all the warm coffee lately to reach cozy status! This is a cute little bedroom sign, too, so it’s useful year round! Available here: Get Cozy Sign

Stay Awhile

The last new sign addition to the shop is this Stay Awhile design. We love having folks over, hosting friends and family, and really have a deep desire to be a home where our daughters will love to bring their friends when they’re older. I see similar versions of this sign everywhere, it seems, but it rang far too true in our household to not offer to you guys. Available here: Stay Awhile Sign.

Other Designs

Of course, the most popular designs from last year are still available in the shop right now, and many of them are on sale! Can’t beat that! Here are some snips of those.

[etsy-shop shop_name=”the-junq-drawer” section_id=”19869990″]

I’d love to know which are your favorites and what you don’t see that you wish I offered! Let me know in the comments below, and if you’re interested in being notified of new designs, follow along with me on Instagram! I’m always posting new designs and custom orders for y’all to see and vote on!






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  1. These are all so gorgeous! I just favorited your shop because we have some decorating to do still (we moved into our home almost 4 years ago ?

    1. Yay! Thanks so much!!! Girl, I am still decorating ours and we moved in 13 years ago, so I feel ya! It’s an evolving process, too, as tastes change. Thank you so much for checking out the shop!!!

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