Kids Room Makeover – Part 1

Ok, I need to put a disclaimer out there: I am very new to this whole decorating thing. After nearly 7 years of having my own space to decorate, I have finally begun to get somewhat of an eye for what looks nice. I am still learning as I go! So if you like any of my ideas, great! But if not, no hard feelings ;-).

When our daughter was first born, my husband was a big fan of bright colors. I had pretty much picked out everything else, so I let him have the room color. Which was BRIGHT pink and BRIGHT green. We loved it at the time, even though it was pretty darn bright. image

Since then, our tastes have become a little more understated (although I am still drawn to vibrant colors), especially in our home decor. Besides that, last august we had a little boy! And until we get the opportunity to move to a bigger place, the kids will need to share a room. I love stars in children’s decor and I found some great inspiration for our room makeover. I fell in love with this star wall and decided to incorporate it into the kids room and make it a focal point. I’ll be sharing that tutorial in an upcoming blog post.

star wall
From Petit & Small

Today, I’m going to share with you how I decorated my favorite piece of nursery furniture and made it relevant for both an infant and a toddler in their shared room. This shelving unit has been so useful and was such a great investment. It came from IKEA and it functions with or without a changing table attachment. In the picture earlier in this post you can see the attachment. It makes such a cute bookshelf without it!

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I placed some of my their favorite stuffed animals and dolls on the top shelf. I found these great LED, battery powered lights to wrap around the front of the shelf. They really give the room a cozy “nightlight” and they even work on a timer!  Those only set me back about $4.50 (purchased from Marshals).

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On the second shelf I placed some adorable little apothecary jars. These I found at the dollar store! I wanted to buy like twenty of them and just figure out things to put in them all throughout the house. Here I’m using one for pacifiers, one for hair accessories and one for necklaces (a fourth one did end up in my bathroom for odds and ends). Also on this shelf is a little handmade crocheted elephant from a dear friend for my daughter’s first birthday. Also decorating the shelves is a snow globe my daddy gave me and a miniature tea set. I used to play with one just like it at my Great Grandma’s house when I was not much older than my daughter. I found it for a couple of dollars at a local Goodwill. These are the things from my childhood that I hope to pass on to my children. Little touches like these make the decor really personal and special.

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The third shelf is a little deeper and I need this to be my most functional area. I have at least one in diapers and I didn’t want the package of diapers hanging out looking super tacky. I love the shared nursery decor Jess Peterson the Health and Fitness Chick (on Facebook) used. Her kids’ diapers look all fancy in a cute wire basket (man I love those things! Store all the things in wire baskets!!).

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As much as I love wire baskets, they can get a little pricey. Homegoods will always help a girl out, but I found our diaper basket in the Target dollar bins! It was $3 and is intended to be a wastebasket. It’s the perfect color to go with the room and I think it looks super cute holding our diapers.

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I found our cute little wooden organizer at goodwill for $1.25. It was plain wood and then I painted it to match the decor. It’s a great place to put lotions, washes, nail clippers, and other odds and ends. Our little lantern I found at Burlington Coat Factory for $3.99 and I just couldn’t pass it up. I mean, there are stars cut out along the top, it’s perfect! And the shelf needed a little added decorative touch. Sophie the Giraffe is making a fashionable appearance in this photo as well.

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Now, back to those wire baskets…I really wanted a cute way to store the kids’ toys. And the two bottom shelves have plenty of space to hold them. But I also wanted their toys to be easily visible and accessible and not boxed away. I found these really cute baskets with handles and liners (small toys stay inside this way!) in the kitchen section at Home Goods for $14.99 each. These were my most expensive purchase but totally worth it.

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So that about sums up the shelf decor. The entire project came in at under $50! I am really excited to put the finishing touches on the room and share the rest of it with you soon. Keep a look out for the star accent wall tutorial in Kids Room Makeover Part 2.

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