Finding Your Soulmate Workout

When I met Megan, she was nicely dressed with full hair and makeup, calmly sitting at a family restaurant while her four (count them, FOUR) children under 5 played and danced with my daughter. Ok one isn’t walking yet, so three of them were dancing. I was in awe of the calmness in both her and her husband. Now I realize it was probably just sheer exhaustion. Lol! But regardless, this lady knows how to make things happen! She’s a blogging, healthy eating, working out, fitness coaching, wife & mommy. She may not always (or ever) get a full night’s rest, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. If she can do it, surely we can all find a way to get active every day. Let’s listen to her perspective on finding your “Soulmate Workout”. Have you found yours yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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Finding your soulmate workout.

Sounds crazy, right? But, hear me out. Way too often people decide that they just cannot workout. That exercise is absolutely not for them. They wish it was, but it’s not. The thing is, we all have a soulmate workout, you just have to be determined enough to find it.


It’s the equivalent of going on one date with a crappy dude and then writing off dating or all men for the rest of your life. I don’t think you would do that, right? The rational part of your brain would eventually tell you that that guy just wasn’t for you. It’s the exact same thing with exercise. We aren’t all runners. We aren’t all spinners. Wait, spinners? No. Cyclists? Either way, the bike is not a friend to us all. Many of us fall asleep during yoga, would drown in a pool, or are entirely too uncoordinated to tackle Zumba.

But, here’s the thing. There is absolutely, without a doubt, some form of exercise that will speak to you. That will make you feel alive and strong and unstoppable. You have to find that thing. You owe it to yourself to keep trying new styles of workouts, new exercises until you wake up craving it, because it will change your life.
I know this firsthand.


For years, I fought exercise because I had this association that exercise was about losing weight. Then if I didn’t lose weight, I would be mad and feel like it “didn’t work.” I still hadn’t found my soulmate workout and once I did, my entire perspective on fitness changed. I saw that fitness wasn’t about looking a certain way, but about feeling a certain way. I loved how that made me feel. And here I am all these years later, and fitness is a huge part of my life. What if I had stopped? What if I stopped trying new things? I would be missing out on so much color and richness that all comes from being active and appreciating what my body can do.

So can you do that for me? Can you challenge yourself to go find that soulmate workout? If you don’t know where to start or need someone to bounce ideas off of, shoot me an email and we can chat.


imageHi! I’m Megan. Somehow I managed to have four kids in four years and survive it. I know that the only way I keep my sanity is because I’ve convinced myself that in order to serve those that I love most, I need to take care of myself and I love helping other mama’s do the same. Want to connect? You can find me on IG at @babies.and.burpees or email me at

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