Spring Mantle Decor

Spring is coming!!! It’s only February, I know and the temperature outside is only 42 degrees (F). But still! We’ve had some gorgeous days these last couple of weeks that have put everyone in a Springtime mood. Now, let’s just hope we don’t get an ice storm mid march! Ugh. It’s the change of seasons that makes life interesting, right? How can we appreciate the warm, beautiful weather without first enduring the bleak cold – which has a beauty all its own, right? Ok, enough of the philosophical. We are here to decorate for Spring! My mantle shelf is something I love love love – but it also perplexes me with each changing holiday and season. I am a décor newbie and I am learning that practice makes perfect. Practice and a little Pinterest inspiration! Here are my favorite ideas for Spring mantle décor from around the web. Scroll all the way down to see what I ended up doing with my own!

Décor Inspiration

The Hardley Cove

This is the quintessential “farmhouse décor” mantlescape – in my opinion. I love the over all shape of this one and all the green! I think a spring mantle has to have some fresh (or faux) greenery.

These glass bottles with greenery really caught my eye. They are simple and pretty, and looked pretty easy to do. As a decorating novice myself, I am all about those three things. Plus, “keep it simple” is my new motto in life! Lol.

Better Homes & Gardens

I hit the jackpot in the Target dollar bins this past week and found some glass bottles in different heights for $3 a piece. Those dollar bins are pure evil. I literally cannot pass them up with out finding $20 or more of stuff that I just can’t live without. “Oh this is only $3! Oh this too!” And before you know if you’ve got close to 50 bucks in your cart of stuff that’s “not that much.” This is Target’s bread and butter, am I right? It’s why none of us can go there and buy only what we actually need.

The Turquoise Home

This white wooden window is the perfect focal point and backdrop for this beautiful mantlescape. I took a lot of inspiration from the shape of this one too, as well as using a white wooden frame as my backdrop.

My Blessed Life

This one is quite a bit different from my usual style, but I liked her banner, chalkboard, and the galvanized metal watering can or whatever it is with the white tulips. All those little touches were things that caught my eye and I wanted to incorporate those elements into my own décor.

Why do I love this greenery so much? It’s just elegant and calming all at the same time. Whatever plants I used in my décor I wanted some like these. The little leaves are so dainty and sweet. She also uses the glass bottles on her full mantle display (are we noticing a trend here??).

Dear Lillie Blog

My Spring Mantle

Ok, ***spoiler alert*** technically you saw my mantle already in the featured photo of this post. However, here’s a closer look and where I got everything. Hopefully you can take with you some inspiration and ideas for your own décor. Please take photos and tag us on Instagram and Facebook! We would love to see what you come up with. We’re always looking for more ideas!

The shelf itself I found at a flea market in near Atlanta, GA for only 20 bucks. I don’t have a fireplace, so I love having this shelf to decorate above my couches. The magnolia wreath is from Hobby Lobby and I bought it half off for $25. The frame used to have burlap inside it with the word “Love”. You may have seen it in its original form on our Instagram story or my personal Instagram account. I got it for FREE at a dirty Santa gift exchange. It was originally from hobby lobby for $50 (win!).

My Target dollar bin finds include the “bloom” pennant banner and the two glass bottles which were all $3 each. The letter “Z” is from hobby lobby for $10. The metal bucket was a Walmart find for less than $3. Funny story about that – I put some water in the bottom of the bucket for the fresh flowers inside and set it up on the shelf late one night. My husband was sleeping on the couch (because we have an issue with a toddler in our bed – the struggle is real) and he woke up to the water dripping down on him. Lol!! I thought a bucket would hold water – most do, right?? Not this one. So I set a plastic container down inside the bucket so those thirsty flowers could still get their water and look cute.

The little wooden toolbox I found at a local Goodwill last summer for about $1.50. It was in the kids’ room originally (hence the paint job) and you can see how I used it here. The little glass bottles inside came from another goodwill find. The faux plants inside that came from leftover wreath materials from our Christmas Craft Event (That was so much fun! We are definitely going to plan another one!). The other flowers and plants are fresh and came from my neighborhood Kroger! All together the fresh plants were $6.50.

So how did I do? I think it turned out pretty well. Maybe not Better Homes & Garden worthy, but is that really what it’s about? Ok, maybe you’re saying, “Uhhhh yeah!” Lol. What I am learning about home décor is that it is very (if not completely) subjective. There are definitely trends and popular things to do, but in the end, it’s your home. What matters is that you love it and that it reflects your own personal style. Let us get to know you better by showing us your personal style on social media! Aren’t following us yet? Scroll back up to the top of this page (desktop users) and find all our social media platforms under “follow us”. Mobile users, keep on scrolling and you’ll find the same thing at the bottom of the page under the (adorable) photo of me and Jess. We really wanna see those photos and connect with you! Happy Spring!


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