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Don’t let the title deceive you. I try to stay organized.  Despite my creative side, few things compare to checking something off my to do list. Coming home to a clean house and really relaxing in it, well, it’s an amazing feeling. But let’s face it. I’m a mom with a building habit, a blog and two day jobs.  It’s hard enough to find time for Coffee with Jesus or the gym, much less to spring clean.

Linen Closet
We’re pretty much swooning over this beautifully organized linen closet by Dear Lillie. She is the inspiration for my own linen closet makeover (post coming soon)!


There are thousands of books, magazine articles, blog posts (joining the club here) and TV shows on organizing methods and tricks, but of all those resources, one thing stands out and makes it possible for me to keep my house and office organized (most of the time).  Everything has a home.  A put-away, it lives there when you’re not using it home.  We’re talking everything: magazines, opened and unopened mail, nail clippers, remotes… everything. This sounds simple, I know, but it’s not.  The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is go around the house and pick up all the little things lying around.  But I swear, y’all, if left alone, stuff builds up around our house until suddenly you can’t find anywhere to sit on the sofa!

We don't have a pantry to organize, but if we did, it would look like this!
We don’t have a pantry to organize, but if we did, it would look like this!


This is a time investment initially, and it is not fun, but believe me when I tell you once you get past the decluttering and overwhelming “how in the world do I have so much stuff!?!” feeling, you never have to do it again.  Right before the birth of our daughter and again about a year after, I pulled every single thing out of our closets, cabinets and storage bins and separated them all into keep, donate and trash piles.  I even had a goal of only keeping 50 clothing items in my closet (a completely unrealistic goal for me, I might add). Once I had sorted through everything and was only left with my keep piles, I made it my job to find everything a home so nothing extra sat out and you always knew where things were.  It was totally worth the weekend it took to sort through.

Organizing doesn't always happen behind closed doors. This coffee bar is a great example of something we would want to keep out on the counter because we'd use it every day. Everything is still in its place, and it's creates a happy little organized vignette as well!
Organizing doesn’t always happen behind closed doors. This coffee bar is a great example. Everything is in its place, and it’s creates a happy little organized vignette!


There’s still upkeep, of course.  You have to commit to picking things up and putting them back.  You have to get the rest of your household on board.  As I write this, half of the contents of our closet are spread out on the bedroom floor because I decided to try and pare down its contents yet again, so I know the struggle is real.  But if you’re anything like me and find it hard to be creative in the midst of clutter, it’s totally worth it! You will be less stressed and actually have more time for the rest of your life.

Give it a shot, and let us know how your declutter goes!

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  1. Love the kitchen pantry, but where do you keep cans of soup, veggies, chips, cereals? I don’t think these show pantries don’t reflect a typical family.

    1. This actually isn’t mine, but I see where you’re headed. We store our food items like cans, etc. in one of our kitchen cabinets for easy access, although storing chips in an airtight container I can absolutely see happening. Same with cereal. Veggies I’d keep in the fridge for sure, and I have seen some awesome clear organizers for soup cans at the dollar store! Hope this helps 🙂

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