Wardrobe Makeover Part 3: Choosing an Outfit

So we did the hard part — either paring down a too voluminous closet to key pieces or budgeting to build a capsule wardrobe. Now what? This is the fun part — picking out what to wear! We’re nearing the end of summer and coming up fast on fall, so the more transitional the outfit, the better.

Your style, which you figured out in Part 1 (if you missed it, click here), will largely determine how you put together your outfits, but the ones I’m going to show you today can be modified to fit any style and body shape. I’m going to do my best to give sources for these items as well, but some have been around a few years in which case I’ll link to something similar. For more outfits and details on where to shop for great, affordable pieces, read Part 2 of this series here.

13 Trendy Outfits for a Minimalist Wardrobe

  1. Outfit-4     Outfit-On-10

Leopard print is apparently becoming a thing again, did you hear? I guess I’m one of those people who never really let it go out, but I love my leopard print flats. They give a little pop to an otherwise boring outfit.

The Deets:

Graphic tank – Old Navy – $12.00
Green vest – Marshall’s – $12.99
High waist jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
Ballet flats – Walmart (I know, right?) – $5.00
Total Outfit Cost: $63.99

Outfit-3     Outfit-On-9

This dress/tunic is one of my favorite items! Mainly because it has pockets and it fits snug in all the right places and loose in all the rest. Oh, and the cost! It goes great with leggings, jeans, tights… you name it! Talk about a universal item!

The Deets:

Shift dress – H&M – $17.99
High Waist Jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
Hat – Altar’d State – $24.99 (This one was a total splurge, but there are some at Gabriel Bros. for $1.99!)
Suede booties – Old Navy – $7.00 (clearance, holla!)
Total Outfit Cost: $83.98

Outfit-7     Outfit-On

This lace tank… it’s quite possibly my favorite item right now. It’s so versatile, and lets me wear things with leggings I couldn’t normally get away with thanks to its length. It also dresses up an otherwise casual outfit. And lace is pretty, let’s be honest.

The Deets:

Hat – Altar’d State – $24.99 (see above)
Olive tunic – Old Navy – $8.00
Cream lace tunic – Altar’d State – $17.99
Black leggings – Walmart – $6.98
Suede booties – Old Navy – $7.00 (clearance)
Total Outfit Cost:  $64.96

Outfit-18     Outfit-On-6

This top was a steal at $7.99, and is a nice twist on the conventional button down. The sleeves are somewhat flowy, but can be rolled up to look fitted, and the sides flare out so it’s incredibly flattering! I just happened on this at Gabriel Brothers one day, and couldn’t pass it up. It’s become a staple in my work and casual wear.

The Deets:

Hi-lo button down – Gabriel Brothers – $7.99
High wasted jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
Red ballet flats – Walmart – $5.00
Total Outfit Cost: $46.99

Outfit-14     Outfit-On-8

I told you I had a thing for graphic tees. This one is no exception because, let’s face it. The struggle is real. Especially as a mama. Amen?

The Deets:

Plaid button down – Kroger Marketplace – $12.99
Graphic tank – Walmart – $5.00
High wasted jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
Red ballet flats – Walmart – $5.00
Total Outfit Cost: $57.99

Outfit-5     Outfit-On-11

So these boots… I found these at Walmart, y’all! Hilariously, they are one of the more comfortable pair of shoes that I own, and I didn’t spend very much on them. Shoes are something I love to find on clearance at the end of the season or for really low prices without sacrificing comfort, and these were no exception!

The Deets:

Green vest – Marshall’s – $12.99
White shirttail tee – H&M – $8.00
High wasted jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
Fringe booties – $19.88
Total Outfit Cost: $74.87

Outfit-12     Outfit-On-5

This striped shirttail top from H&M is ridiculously comfortable. They tend to make clothing that hides all the right stuff, and their prices can’t be beat.

The Deets:

Striped shirttail top – H&M – $12.99
Cream lace tunic tank – Altar’d State – $17.99
High wasted jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
Fringe booties – Walmart – $19.88
Total Outfit Cost: $84.86

Outfit-2     Outfit-17

I’m starting to realize that almost all of the shoes I’m showing you I got from Walmart! Oh, well. These are second-season shoes, and they still look great. Call me old, but they have memory foam soles making them crazy comfortable for mamas chasing kids around. I’m just sayin’.

The Deets:

Plaid button-down – Kroger Marketplace – $12.99
Striped tank – Old Navy – $12.99
High wasted jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
White sneakers – Walmart – $12.98
Total Outfit Price: $72.96

Outfit-8      Outfit-On-3

Denim and chambray are still totally in, and still one of my favorite items to wear in the fall. I seriously struggle with finding ones that are long enough to justify wearing with leggings, though. Enter my favorite lace tank! Add a felt hat, and you’re comfy but look like a million bucks!

The Deets:

Denim pullover – Target – $24.99
Lace tunic tank – Altar’d State – $17.99
Black leggings – Walmart – $6.98
Black felt hat – Gabriel Brothers – $1.99 (whaaaaaat!?!)
Suede booties – Old Navy – $7.00 (clearance)
Total Outfit Cost:  $58.95

Outfit-9      Outfit-On-15

This sweater is another fall favorite and in its third season in my wardrobe, so I’d say it’s holding up nicely considering the price tag! Side note: the purse you see is an off brand that I found at Gabriel Brothers for $10.00.  That’s the only place I buy purses (and I love purses… trust me) because they carry brand names, off brands and on trend stuff for crazy low prices. I swap out purses often enough that it just make sense. I have never paid more than $15.00 for a purse. Ever.

The Deets:

Button up sweater – Old Navy – $17.47 (a similar one can be found here)
Hi-lo white button down – Gabriel Brothers – $7.99
High wasted jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
Suede booties – Old Navy – $7.00 (clearance)
Total Outfit Cost: $66.46

Outfit-1     Outfit-On-2

This one is a little outside my normal, but it gives me a great chance to use my Burlington Coat Factory plaid scarf (a similar one can be found here). They probably still have them at Burlington, too. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but this top is a tunic and doesn’t require a cami (yay!). Again, it’s loose in all the right places.

The Deets:

Red tunic – Old Navy – $10.00
Black leggings – Walmart – $6.98
Black felt hat – Gabriel Brothers – $1.99
Black booties – Walmart – $12.98
Total Outfit Cost: $31.95

Outfit-6      Outfit-On-7

Literally every item from this outfit has been used before, so I won’t go into detail there. I will say that aviators are my favorite style of sunglasses with 1950s style shades coming in at a close second. Where do I get mine? Walmart. Of course. They cost $5.00. That’s hard to beat. Mine will usually last a couple of years before getting scratched, and if I spend $5 every three years on sunglasses, you know, I’m doing all right!

The Deets:

Button up sweater – Old Navy – $17.47 (a similar one can be found here)
Striped tank – Old Navy – $10.00
HIgh wasted jeans – Old Navy – $34.00
Fringe booties – Walmart – $19.88
Total Outfit Cost: $81.35

Outfit-Final     Outfit-On-4

This is another outfit we’re recycling! This one is super casual and comfortable. The sweater is a great way to wear leggings without having to wear a tunic tank because of its length, and booties dress up the outfit just enough.

The Deets:

Button up sweater – Old Navy – $17.47
White shirttail tee – H&M – $8.00
Black leggings – Walmart – $6.98
Fringe booties – Walmart – $19.88
Total Outfit Cost: $52.33

The total for all of the items in these outfits comes to $312.19, an average of just over $12.00 per item! I know it’s more than the $100 we talked about yesterday, but if you’re looking for versatile pieces that will give you the most bang for your buck and you have the extra moolah to spend, these are just some of the ways you can reuse these items. I didn’t even come close to exhausting the options!

Like Amanda said yesterday, spend a little more on the items you want to stick around awhile, like your jeans. You can scrimp on the easier to replace items, like the tees, graphic tanks and leggings. You now have all the ammunition you need for your fall wardrobe! Thanks for following along throughout this series!

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