What Happened to the Shop?

You might have noticed if you’re a regular around here that the shop option has been removed from my page. If you follow me on the Insta world, you already know why, but for those of you who are wondering, “What happened to the shop?” — well, the short answer is sometimes we have to make sacrifices.

We moved into our home over 13 years ago, which, unbeknownst to my 20-year-old self, was a giant undertaking and far more of a fixer upper than we thought (I didn’t even know what that meant at the time). Since then, we’ve updated almost the entire main floor, and we recently started working on the basement. That area adds a good 800+ square feet to our home, so it’s definitely been one of those to-do list items that’s been on the agenda for a while. We waterproofed it way back when (because, you guys, it would literally flood when it rained too hard — as in standing water in places. I don’t miss those days.) Since then, my husband has been working as he can to get the electrical work up to par, frame and drywall not to mention upgrade the lighting from fluorescent lamps to LED can lights.

It’s well on its way, but in order for us (mostly him if I’m keeping it real… I don’t know the first thing about the construction that’s happening down there) to have time to get the basement to “finished” status, it’s going to take more time than we currently have. So something had to go.

I’ve grappled with losing the shop because it’s such a labor of love. When you work your butt off at something, and then you see it succeed, only to have to close it up two years later… that’s a tough choice. I’ve stopped things in the past, but only because they didn’t succeed. I won’t downplay how hard this is, but ultimately, it’s a sacrifice that needs to be made. Will the shop come back? Heck yeah! At least I hope so! But for now, I’m going to get my maker fix by keeping the orders to local pickup only, which means in answer to your “What happened to the shop?” question, well… it’s been taken down and closed up.

I’m reminded of Chip and Joanna when they shut down the little shop on Bosque only for bigger and better things to come their way, and praying that this is a similar situation. Even if it’s not, I have loved the creativity that has come from making these signs. It was my dream to own a shop one day — well, check that box! And the goal of my shop was to make affordable signs that were well made. Check that box, too. Now, it’s time to love on my girls and my husband, focus on our home and share what’s happening around here with y’all via the blog. And when the time comes to reopen the shop (or do something even bigger and crazier!), I’ll be ready!


For now, The Junq Drawer becomes a blog only, but a blog that’s going to be full of the home decor and DIYs y’all have told me you love so much. Thank you all so much for supporting my dreams and following along with me!



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