Coastal-Inspired Decorating

Summertime. There is just something peaceful about it. Sun. Sprinklers. The pool. Cookouts. Vacation. Don’t those things just inspire joy? Now for some of us, vacation is slightly less relaxing than it used to be thanks to having a toddler or two in tow, but somehow having your kids with you makes it even more fun because they have such a sense of awe. My daughter and I are taking a few weeks away at the beach this summer, and she is enamored with all the things we take for granted so easily; things like chasing her shadow and outrunning the waves.

To hold on to some of that seaside goodness, I like to use some coastal features in our home decor. I’m not much for decorating with shells and witty beach quote signs, but I do love the use of whites and bright neutrals with splashes of light aqua paints and accents. In my farmhouse-loving world full of stained wood, I love the contrast that white and sea blue bring to my Kentucky home, so of course I had to share with you some of my favorite coastal-inspired spaces and ways you can incorporate them into your home.

Coastal-Inspired Decorating: Tips and INspiration

It all starts with the curtains.

Floor-length white curtains with a slightly sheer aspect, to be exact, like these. Curtains set the stage for the room, and can actually make the room look bigger and your ceiling look higher if hung correctly. {Think wide and high.}

White floor-length curtains in coastal dining room


Use lots of white!

If you have kids, like me, and are worried about fingerprints or food or crayons {the list goes on…}, use a white slipcover that you can throw in the wash or bleach.  To save on buying a new couch, I used bleached drop cloths to make my own custom slipcover similar to this one.

A white or light colored sofa gives such a bright, airy feel to your home, and is a staple in the coastal farmhouse look.

White coastal-inspired sofa


Accent furniture.

While we’re focused on living spaces, a great coffee table is key. This is where you can incorporate things like reclaimed wood, a personal favorite of mine. We are always trying to find ways to add storage in our home, and a coffee table is the perfect way to incorporate that. Purchase it new or buy a used one and fix it up!

Light aqua coffee table with storage


The right rug.

Jute rugs are next. They are comfortable, neutral and pretty durable as well making them perfect for sandy feet AND toddler feet. They’re not just for the living room either. They can be used as hallway runners, patio rugs, in the living room or even the bedroom!

Jute rug in coastal bedroom


The kitchen.

Of course, it’s not coastal or farmhouse, for that matter, without heading into the kitchen. This is where families gather, meals are cooked, desserts are baked and coffee is made, making it arguably the most inspirational place in the house! Have I mentioned white? White kitchen cabinets and very light, gray-based walls will make even the smallest kitchen seem bigger. You have to try a little harder to give the kitchen that coastal feel, though, and a great way to do this is by incorporating that beautiful light aqua I mentioned earlier. Painting your island or base cabinets, for example, will do the trick. If you’d rather not commit to a blue paint color, blue tinted mason jars are another great way to bring out the coastal feel.

Fixer Upper Coastal Kitchen


A splash of color!

To finish off the inside, add splashes of color to that neutral palette you’ve created! Dishes, vases, pillows, towels and bedding in light aquas and grays, white or wood lanterns and, of course, something green! Succulents are an easy way to add some green to bring the outside in, and those lanterns aren’t just good for candle holding! Pot a succulent and set it inside the lantern for a low-maintenance vignette. Antique shops are full of tinted mason jars and old soda boxes. These make great decorative items and usually just need a little TLC.

Soda Try with Blue Tinted Vases


That’s it, friends! A few easy fixes can turn your home into a coastal farmhouse paradise, most of which you can make yourself. What are some of your favorite coastal spaces? Comment below or tag us on Instagram to let us know.

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