DIY Princess Poppy Troll Headband

The first time I saw the Trolls movie with my 3 year old daughter, I was just as captivated as she was! It’s an adorable movie with upbeat music and positive messages: being happy is always within your own control, be positive, show love to others. Not only that but the characters are so cute! I saw Poppy’s adorable flower headband and immediately began thinking about how I could recreate it for my daughter. It looks like it is literally made from felt (just like this one!), even in the animation. So here is my version of Princess Poppy’s flower headband! It’s super simple and super cute.


1 Sheet of Green Felt

1 Sheet of Blue Felt

Needle and green thread

Hot glue gun


Green elastic (Here’s the kind I used)



Step 1: Cut out Felt

So I’ve included a pattern here for the flowers, leaves, and headband. My husband has a much steadier drawing hand than I do and a great eye for copying nearly any image onto paper. So I have to give a huge shout out of appreciation to him for lending me his creativity for this project.

Once you’ve traced your shapes and cut them out, it’s time to glue them together!

Step 2: Glue

Place your flowers on top of the leaves and hold in place with hot glue. The flowers are a bit “wonky” so you’ll need to turn them around a bit on the leaves to find the angle that allows each leaf to poke out between the petals. Once your flowers are assembled, you can place them along the felt band.

Step 3: Sew on Elastic

Felt doesn’t really have much “give” to it. So we’ll need to add on some elastic to the back of the headband so that it stretches over your child’s head (or yours! No judgement here, haha!). The felt may be about 11-12″ long. I cut a piece of elastic about 7″ long. This allowed a little extra on each side to sew onto the felt. Ok, don’t get scared now! It’s just a tiny bit of sewing, you can do this! Thread your needle (the little sewing kits you can buy at the grocery come with a handy little threader) and make a simple straight stitch across the end of the felt, layering the elastic underneath (so that the raw edge will be against your child’s head). I also did a little “X” stitch on top for more reinforcement but I don’t think it’s necessary. Just make your stitches really small and close together for the strongest hold.

That’s it! Then you can stage a cute little photo shoot like we did with our daughters. My daughter’s response to her Poppy headband? “Mommy, I’ll wear it forever! Did Santa bring it? Thank you so much, mommy!” She wore it most of the day…not forever, but I’ll take it.

Be sure to show us your Princess Poppy Trolls if you decide to make this cute headband.

All the photo cred goes to Jessica!

I’m just so in love with the message of this song from the Trolls movie. This is definitely the attitude the Salt and Life girls take and we are doing our best to teach our daughters (and son) to have the same outlook on life. Be encouraged and don’t let anything the world throws at you get you down!

I’m not giving up today,

There’s nothing getting in my way!

And if you knock-knock me over

I – will – get back up again.

If something goes a little wrong,

Well you can go ahead and bring it on!

And if you knock-knock me over,

I – will – get back up again.

Trolls 2016, “Get Back Up Again”



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  1. SUCH A CUTE IDEA! Both of my nieces are obsessed with the Trolls right now, so they will love these headbands!!

  2. Those are some really cute headbands and so easy to make!! I didn’t end up taking my kids to see the movie, so perhaps we will watch at home!

  3. What a beautiful idea!!! I love the headband and I agree with you the message in the song is a very positive and inspiring message. Thanks for sharing

  4. So adorable, I love this DIY idea. We have watched the TROLLS movie about a million times and sang the soundtrack for the past few months non-stop. What a fun project for kids!

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