Farmhouse Dining Room Reveal

If you saw my hallway reveal, you know I’ve suddenly been overcome with the urge to paint all the things white. Amanda put it well when she said we dream in black, white and greenery. Add a little natural wood in, and that’s my happy place! Once I finished the hallway, I had this vision of giving the dining room a bit of a facelift. It had long since outlived its days of tan walls, so this week, I took the plunge and painted! I also got a new light fixture which was practically a steal at $20, so somehow this makeover came in under $40. Yes, please!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen little sneaks of the dining room and the super-cute striped placemats I found at The Faded Farmhouse on our anniversary trip to Nashville. Don’t get me wrong. I loved our dining room. It just needed a little update in the paint and light fixture department. Eventually, I plan to get covers from the chairs and more than likely build a bench to replace two of the currently upholstered chairs, but that’s a job for another day, another time and a bigger budget. So here was the dining room before.

I didn’t take the time to dress up the table before I snapped that last photo — real life, y’all! The gray chairs and the white table are probably my favorite things in this room and have been for some time. You can see the tan paint is really dated, though, and the light fixture just didn’t fit that farmhouse style charm I was going for. So, after a few coats of paint, some decor rearranging and a new light fixture from Lowes (found here), here’s the new dining room!

Before I show you all the photos, let me just rave for a second about this vinyl decal that I ordered from Sound Sayings off Etsy. They had something similar available, but not exactly what I wanted or how wide I wanted it. I gave her the dimensions, an inspiration photo and a few tweaks on the actual wording, and she sent me a proof that was perfect! It came in the mail within the week, and is absolutely perfect on the wall! If you’re ever looking for vinyl decals at an affordable price, be sure to check them out!

I’ve already gone on and on about the light fixture, so I won’t bore you with more details on it. It doesn’t give off quite as much light as I’d like in the evening, but I have a very small, soft bulb in there now and I’m thinking a brighter one will help remedy that. Aside from that, which isn’t all that bothersome, it’s been exactly what I wanted. The window gives plenty of natural light throughout the day, and the lighting in the living room provides what the drum covers up.

The way the white pops against the decor on my Shanty 2 Chic shelves is perfection for sure! Exactly what I was after with just the right mix of farmhouse and industrial. I found the stools at Target, and the sign is available for sale over at The Junq Drawer on Etsy. I have to thank The Faded Farmhouse again for the wood trencher and, of course, all the Rae Dunn happiness on the top shelf are from Marshalls, Home Goods or TJ Maxx.

The last little details I needed were a centerpiece for the table and some greenery. I don’t have a dog, so when I purchased this Rae Dunn Stay canister from Home Goods, I knew it was going to be filled with flowers. The greenery inside it is actually a $2 Ikea plant, and the black and white striped placemat is from The Faded Farmhouse. Finally, I put a couple of faux fig leaves inside a Target basket and set it on top of the DIY milk stool I made last month. That finished off the room perfectly!

The best part, aside from the aesthetic, is having my coffee bar back. It took me about a week to get the whole room painted (and you can see I’m not quite finished with all of the trim). We stuck the Keurig in the kitchen for that week, but I was really missing my coffee bar in the morning. Now all is back to normal, and I’m so happy! Coffee has a way of doing that, I guess.

I’d love to know what your favorite part of the new dining room is! Hope you guys have had a wonderful week! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!!


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