Why I Love A Cozy Home

If you’ve followed along with SLB for any amount of time, you know I mostly post about home decor and DIYs. Have I ever told you why I love a cozy home, though? Sure, aesthetics are great. Yes, I love a good vintage find, and I absolutely want to live in a space that both inspires and relaxes me. There’s one reason that tops them all, though, and I wanted to share that along with some photos of our home in what I’m calling its “transition stage” (because a fixer upper is always in transition stage, right?).

For the longest time, I’ve loved decorating. Most of that probably comes from my grandmother who has loved HGTV from the beginning, has had a subscription to Southern Living Magazine for as long as I can remember and took me on my first trip to a thrift store. I even had a few years of interior design school. The thing is, I couldn’t tell you why I had such an interest outside of a desire to make beautiful spaces until a few years ago.

I don’t really remember what specific event triggered it, but the Lord and I were walking through the fruits of the Spirit in a pretty in depth way. That was a season of some serious character building, my friends, and it was a game-changer for me. That’s a whole other story, but at some point, I realized I wasn’t living out the strengths the Lord had blessed me with. One of those strengths was hospitality.

My husband and I love hosting others, and over time, I have realized that while, yes, I want a beautiful home to the best of my ability because it’s restful and appealing to the eye, more than that I want a cozy home because it is inviting to others. There is a reason I put Acts 2:46 on the wall in our dining room. Because we build community when we eat around a table together, and we were made for community with others. More than just about anything, I want my home to be a respite for my family and friends and folks who really just need a good meal or a comfy place to rest awhile and laugh a lot.

At work, we often talk about “valuing the one” (how your impact on one person can have an impact on so many others), and our homes can really do that! They speak volumes about how we love on others and how we value the one. And, friends, hear me. This doesn’t always mean you have a pristine, clean home. I certainly don’t! Sometimes it’s about having a home that’s messy and being okay with others seeing that. That one person in your life who needs encouragement may need a couch with blankets strewn everywhere and dishes that can be left in the sink so you have time to focus on them. On the flip side, that same coziness that comes from having a clean home may be just what that friend or family member needs to really relax for a bit without thinking about the have to’s on their list.

One of my favorites quotes from The Magnolia Story is, “I always thought that the ‘thriving’ would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good.” As a blogger, I feel like decorating provides me with a connection to others, in the blogging community, in the decor community, and to those who are interested in how some of these things are made/done (especially on a budget!). It’s all really about connecting with folks, making more friends and loving on people. Sometimes, that’s showing that things aren’t always perfect because it’s so relatable. Sometimes, it’s showing the beauty that came out of that imperfection!

I love creating and making things new or upgrading them because it’s such a beautiful picture of redemption. So why do I love a cozy home? Because that’s one of the best ways I can think of to spread joy, build community and love on others, and if hospitality is one of my gifts, who am I to squander it? Y’all, I’m a 32-year-old mama and I’m still chasing after my dreams! Whatever your gifts are, whatever your calling is, whatever ambition you have been given, go after it! Don’t give up.


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