Simple Spring Centerpiece + Jord Giveaway

It’s officially March, and that seems to ring in the promise of spring in our house. If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram you know that I’ve had spring fever for quite a while. There’s a whole line of spring signs up in the shop, and right now I’m offering an extra 10% off storewide using the code in my Insta bio! There are all kinds of goodies happening because at the end of this post, I’ll be sharing all about how to get 10% off a Jord timepiece with a chance to $100 off!!!

Fitting with the spring theme, I tried some fresh herbs in the dining room and, no shocker here, there’s not enough natural light for them to stay alive. They’ve since been moved to the porch, and replaced by this simple centerpiece that I’m going to show you today. We’re talking 10 minutes or so to DIY this, not including shopping time… but who really counts shopping time anyway, right? It’s all fun.

The first step in this DIY is to hit up your local thrift shop or Hobby Lobby. I used this wood box that I found for 50% off. Could I build this? Yes. Was it worth it considering I paid so little for the box? Absolutely.

Next, I gathered some greens. Originally,  I had thought I’d use faux plants only, so I purchased a garland at Hobby Lobby for 50% off as well. Then, on a wood run at Lowes, I spotted this $4 clearance pot of succulents and decided they would make the perfect addition to the centerpiece.

I went all plant lady that day, so don’t mind the random array of plants on the table. To do this project, you’ll also need some plastic grocery bags.

Step 1 was to cut pieces of the garland up and decide which dividers I wanted those in. I chose every two boxes to add the garland as well as on each end. My daughter put half of these in, so please know there’s no science to it. Just stuff each box until you’re satisfied.

Next, take the grocery bags and line each of the remaining dividers with them. I chose brown Kroger bags simply because they match the wood of this box, but you really won’t see them so just grab what you have on hand. Add some soil to each of the bags and place a couple succulents or plants in each one. You can go crazy with this — use flowers, herbs… whatever your heart desires!

Finally, water those plants and stand back to enjoy your new centerpiece! I love succulents because they’re easy to take care of, but I’ve had my fair share of daisies in the center of our table as well!

Springtime Timepiece Giveaway

Tying in to that natural wood look that I love so much, I’m really excited about to tell y’all about a giveaway that I’ve partnered with Jord Watches on! I don’t know how much you know about these timepieces, but, friends, they are beautiful!!! I have so many friends with wedding bands that are made of wood or metal, taking a different route than the traditional silver or gold. Jord has done the same thing with wooden watches. Each one of their men’s and women’s watches are handcrafted from various types of natural wood {you pick your favorite} then set with various face colors — rose gold and champagne being my personal favorites! If you want to check out all the options, head here.

While I do love jewelry, I tend to love simpler pieces with less glam, for lack of a better term. So I mix my Frankie zebrawood and champagne watch with two gold bangles. It dresses down or up really well! If you want a chance to win your own watch from Jord at $100 off, head here to enter! Just for entering, you’ll get 10% off, so what have you got to lose? Go enter, and then come back and tell me what your favorite is! It’s really hard to pick just one. Good luck!!!






Wooden Wrist Watch


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